AudioBabble's Adventures in Audioland


Loosely based on an idea from Douglas Adams’ famed Hitch-Hiker’s Guide Trilogy, the Babelfish - for those who don’t know - is a small fish that you stick in your ear, thus acting as a universal translator.

Semantically transformed to suit my own agenda, this became Audiobabble, mostly because I like to babble on endlessly about audio on various online forums. But also I strive to understand the workings of all things audio and hope to translate those concepts to others. [although mostly I just bug cleverer folks than me with daft questions]

Lastly, ‘Audiobabble’ may end up being the name of a particular piece of software I would like to create… but first I have to learn how to code, which may take some time! Meanwhile, I will also use it as my dev ‘handle’ for any scripts or small experimental bits of code I manage to create along the way.

Cheers :)