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2024-01-19 02:14:42 +0100

“There is a place inside each of us where perfection exists. The genius, God, lives there. All the creative possibilities of the universe are to be found there. It is the innate ability of each of us to be God, to behave with extreme dignity, to conduct our business in a righteous manner, and to channel an endless stream of life-enhancing ideas and celebratory sounds for the upliftment of mankind. This joyful noise is the sound of the Supreme Being manifesting through us. If we surrender our desires, we will hear it. At first it will seem distant, like the sound of the ocean when you put an ear to a conch shell, but with practice, one can hear the divine ”unstruck sound” and become enveloped by it. The outer music is then imbued with the light of the universe and its great transforming power. A most worthy goal is to live one’s life and perform all of one’s duties from this inner space. ‘Out of the fullness of this presence of mind, disturbed by no ulterior motive, the artist who is released from all attachment must practice his art.’

– Kenny Werner, Effortless Mastery

“As long as we are mortal beings made of, and limited by, the sensory experiences of meat and bone, there will always and necessarily be a disconnect between what we can imagine and what we can experience. And the greatest beauties will always be stuff whose nuance and intricacy blurs the boundary between our Godlike awareness and our thoroughly earthbound bodies of clay.”

– Yep, Why Do Your Recordings Sound Like Ass?

“Our brains may be capable of objectivity, but our minds are not. […] Clearly for vast numbers of people the biggest factor in determining audio quality is more psychological than anything else!”

– Nope, Why Does My Ass Smell Like Recordings?


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