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A Grand Unified Browser for Reaper


We have all these elements floating around inside a modern DAW:


How do we go about organizing them so we have everything within easy reach??

You might have a plethora of Kontakt libraries, all of them stuck inside Kontakt itself, while you might use your DAW’s media browser to search for audio samples or MIDI clips. Maybe you have a massive synth engine like Omnisphere, which is a world in itself… or a whole host of saved presets, configurations and templates that really need organizing….

Let’s say you’re looking for an Indian Sarod sound. You’re not necessarily bothered whether it’s a playable instrument, some samples or even a synth, you really just want to know if anywhere in this mass of different ‘sources’ there’s something that will fulfil that role in a piece of music.

What we need is a Grand Unified Browser for all sound sources in our toolkit!! Something that allows us to search via keyword or category across all sound sources, and maybe even be able to preview those sounds without having to load up a ton of VSTs to find out if it’s the sound we’re looking for.

Well, us fortunate Reaper users have a solution that comes pretty darn close to that ideal. It’s called…

SoundPot by Helgoboss

Formerly known as ‘Pot Browser’, an add-on to reaLearn, SoundPot is still in the experimental stage but is already an incredibly powerful and useful tool.

I will be using it as the bedrock of my quest for a Grand Unified Browser within Reaper, along with a few orginizational tricks of my own.

Stay tuned for more as I document my journey and hopefuly share some useful tidbits for fellow Reapers.


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