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Missing tags in FLAC files (Windows 10 / 11)

2023-10-15 02:14:42 +0100

FLAC tags not showing in Windows Explorer?

It’s rather disconcerting to find that your flac files don’t show any tag info in Windows Exporer! It may leave you wondering:

“Is there something wrong with the files?!”


Happily, the answer is: ‘probably not’:

Chances are you have an embedded image in your flac file(s) that is too large for Windows to handle.

Here’s the fix:

What you will need



1. Select and right-click the files with missing tags in Window Explorer

2. From the context menu, choose Mp3tag

This will open Mp3tag…

3. select the files in the right-hand pane in mp3tag

4. right click the picture field in the bottom-left corner and choose ‘adjust cover’

In the popup window, you can choose max size, I believe the default is 500. Might as well leave it at that.

5. Click OK

6. Click the ‘Save’ icon in the top-left corner

Great, now you resized you embedded images. But… (sad face) the tag info still doesn’t show in Explorer. This is because the image has been resized but the ‘padding’ is still there for the orginal large image.


You now need to remove the padding.


1. Right click the selected files in Mp3tag

2. Select Tools > FLAC remove padding

Several cmd.exe windows will now open and close while the script is run for each file – this can be a bit time-consuming with many files so be prepared for a wait! In practice, it’s probably best to only do max 10 at a time. Make sure to wait until all the windows have closed themselves.

3. Once the windows have finished, you’re done…. however:

4. In Windows Explorer, navigate out of the folder containing your ‘missing tag’ files, then navigate back in… Tags should now be visible :)


First, find the path to ‘metaflac.exe’, which should be part of your flac frontend tools (which you should have downloaded and installed already). Normally, this should be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\FLAC Frontend\tools\metaflac.exe

Alternatively, use Everything to find the correct path on your system. { you do use Everything, right? }

1. In mp3Tag, go to Tools > Options > Tools

2. Start a new custom tool by clicking the ‘new’ icon in the top-right

3. Name it ‘FLAC remove padding’

4. Paste the path into the path field (or use the browse button to navigate)

5. put the following in the paramter field:

--remove --block-type=PADDING --dont-use-padding "%_path%"

6. Check the ‘for all selected files’ checkbox

7. Click OK

You can now select ‘FLAC remove padding’ under Tools in the right-click context menu within Mp3tag (see above)

Many thanks to FHEIDENREICH for providing this answer

{EDIT: It would seem that Mp3tag does something rather undesirable: When you resize the cover image as described below, it appears that the original file actually gets resized, rather than saving a resized ‘version’ in the flac embedded image. Best practice (if you want to retain your high-res cover image) is to make a copy specifically for embedding in the flac file’s tag}


{ sorry, not working yet :/ }

{ unless you just want to be an object in the console! }